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Afternoon tea for a Princess

Hey Bubbles: Afternoon tea for a Princess

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Afternoon tea for a Princess

Like a lot of other 4 year old girls, Matilda is obsessed with all things Princess.  So even though we weren't really having a big party our afternoon tea with the cousins had to be princessified.  And as these things tend to go around here, some of us might have got a little carried away.

So when we saw this cardboard castle on Pinterest, we had to have it.  We'd also spotted these cute cardboard houses and decided it would be cute to mix the two together, which is how we ended up with our cardboard and pink duct tape castle for our afternoon tea.  Only made possible by the fact that my mum and sister have by now accepted the craziness and traipsed around a Walmart in America to bring back a few rolls of pink duct tape with them - I don't think you can buy it here?   And by G who spend half the night before Matilda's birthday building this thing, and who got a bit carried away and was making all sorts of little holes for kids to crawl through with draw bridges and little lights hanging inside the boxes with princess toys hidden throughout.

The kids had to crawl through the castle to get to afternoon tea on the other side, with pink Princess hats for the girls and crowns for the Princes.

Gingerbread wands, which every Princess needs.

And a totally dodgy castle cake.  Not that Matilda minded - it was pink and she got to help me decorate it.

So we had afternoon tea, played princess dress ups (with some extra special costumes brought back from Disneyland) and coloured in paper jewellery - for girls rich in imagination.

And crammed as many little people as we could into cardboard boxes.... I think there's about four of them in this part of the 'castle' for this photo :)  I also had some stuff for the kids to stick on the castle to decorate it, which explains the random purple glitter paper stuck to it in this photo.

And that's the end of the birthdays for 2012, well except mine - but I don't require cardboard castles to be built for me anymore :)


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